Kellogg International


For more than 30 years, Larry Garbarek, Kellogg International's Founder, has served clients across the globe through strategic partnerships that maximize the success of distributors worldwide. His team offers expertise in global communication, industrial and economic climates, domestic and overseas relations, and the cutting-edge technology needed to meet today's growing demand for customized products. As an Army Veteran, Mr. Garbarek respectfully and dutifully represents the United States with customers in 65 countries across the globe.


“I am proud of the work we do to serve customers worldwide with respect, distinction, and a commitment to customer service above all else. Kellogg International connects businesses from across the globe, creating opportunities to build mutually beneficial relationships in a diverse global market. Today's world economies require all people to think beyond our borders for the benefits of us all.”
–Larry Garbarek

What We Offer

Expertise from
over 30 years of experience

High Quality U.S. Tools

Capabilities for consolidation of products from several factories into single, economical shipments

Reduced shipping costs due to our high volume discounted rates